Top Destination Places to Visit in Makassar Indonesia

Located in Sulawesi Island, Makassar Indonesia is famous for its diving and surfing spots. Losari beach is the most popular beach there, where visitor can enjoy sunset and do other water course activities like banana boat, jet sky, and so on. In fact, this metropolis city have other popular destinations aside from its sea attraction. Before coming here, make sure that you have enough stock of sunscreen, as this city is located near equator lines. You will feel the tropical breeze and the friendliness of the locals after stepping down here. Then, you need to visit popular destinations in this city.

  1. Losari Beach

Losari Beach does not have sand like on other beaches, so you can’t play sand on this beach. In addition you also should not swim here because the water is so deep that it is dangerous for swimming activities. Instead, on this beach there are rides of water games like boats, water bikes, and banana boats. Although it has no sand, along the coast is made of concrete embankments to hold the waves, in this concrete embankment is usually a lot of people fishing. Popular with sunset view of Makassar Indonesia, this beach is also known to have long restaurants. It is because the restaurant build side by side and long in coastal area. There you can enjoy local cuisine and some seafood.

  1. Bantimurung National Park

This national park is nicknamed as kingdom of butterfly by Alfred Russel Wallace. It is because the diversity as well as an abundance of butterfly populationsand species in this area. Some of the butterfly species are local species which can’t be find in other places. In addition to being a butterfly paradise, in this national park there are also a variety of interesting natural attractions, ranging from butterfly garden, butterfly museum, waterfalls, rivers and dream caves.

  1. Ke’teKesu Village

KeteKesu is an ancient traditional village hidden in the mountains of Tanatoraja, South Sulawesi. The village is over 400 years old, and is said to have not changed at all in the last 400 years. The village has a megalithic culture and a tradition of celebrating deaths that are mostly still well preserved throughout Toraja. Even so, do not think that this village have spooky atmosphere. On the contrary, you can see traditional houses build in this village, beautiful natural scenery of South Sulawesi, and other traditional ceremonies.

  1. Kapoposang Island

Snorkeling or diving is always done when tourists come to visit this island. This is because coral reefs in Kapoposang waters are very beautiful and healthy. Clear water with various types of colorful fishes add to the beauty of natural colors under the sea. In addition, seeing the native turtle habitat is the other side of the beauty of this Island. Some locations in this region are places of hawksbill laying eggs.

Now you can make your own list where to visit first as your trip plan in Makassar Indonesia. Do not forget to enjoy local cuisine like coto. Coto is similar to soup with thick meet broth and served with cabbage, meat, and local herbs. This food can be find spreading all around the city. Enjoying local culinary is a must besides enjoying local attraction. Before visiting Makassar, make sure that you have set with all tropical holiday preparations from sunblock, sunglasses, swim suit, short pants, and also mosquito repellent.

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