Modern Red Nail Polish Ideas for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming-especially when it comes to last-minute details. Even if your guest list has been finalized for weeks and the peonies are en route from Cape Town, it’s easy to forget about one of your most important accessories: the matrimonial manicure.

Your bridal nail shade need not be an afterthought, however. After all, friends and family will be scrutinizing that new sparkler on your left hand all night long.Fall itself has three distinct seasons: September is late summer time, October is fall in all its glory, and November is late harvest and early winter.

For September weddings, you can take advantage of warmer temperatures, late summer flowers, and long days. September wedding colors are cheery and warmer. Think wheat fields, chrysanthemums, and grey dawns.

The backdrop to October weddings is the gorgeous changing foliage. October wedding colors are very harvest-themed. Think dried sunflowers, pumpkins, and maple leaves. And of course, there’s always the fun color palettes possible for Halloween/Samhain weddings.

November weddings are rich and jewel-toned to contrast leafless trees and cooling temperatures. Think warm family gatherings, cool sunsets, and vintage bronze.

Shopping for your wedding nail polish colors is one of the few truly stress-free shopping opportunities of your wedding planning. Polishes are cheap enough that you can pick up a few without breaking the bank and you can try them on at home however many times you want. Try doing that with wedding gowns and suits.

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For more wedding nails tips and tricks to get your natural nails ready in time for the big day, read my guide to the best wedding nail polish colors.

If you’re going for a summery look or your climate tends to run warmer in the fall.

A fun way to create unity between you and your bridesmaids, particularly if you decide to go a bit Sex And The City and wear different things, is via a statement nail. By now you’d know that it isn’t necessarily the big details that create memorable styling moments at beautiful weddings. It’s the attention to the small details. Go for fire engine reds in summer time and muted crimsons for the cooler months. For classic, Monroe-esque va voom, pair it back with a stunning red lip. Chic bridal nail looks may not be the first thing you Google when you get engaged, but your hands deserve to look adorable on your wedding day too – after all, they’re a pretty important part of the ceremony! A pretty nail polish or striking nail art can also take your wedding ensemble to the next level, whether you want to add a splash of colour, edge up a traditional dress, or just give yourself an extra dose of glam!

The shades of nail paint play an important role in defining the overall appearance of a bride. As your hands are so much in focus all the time, you cannot afford to go wrong with your nail colour. Hence, it is as important to choose the best colours for them, as it is for any other makeup item. There are so many exciting and trendy colours that are ready to hit the floor this wedding season.

#1. Aurora Red

Create an aura of sophistication around you with this hot shade of red this winter. Red has always been an inevitable part of every woman’s makeup kit. This year, the red is here for you in the form of aurora red. For all the brides-to-be, you can don this colour even if you are not going with red for your wedding dress. This will add a traditional component in your modern attire.

#2. Shiny Cobalt

Put this chic and basic color on your fingernails to flaunt a complete royal look. Show your strong part in the most female manner with this shiny cobalt colour. All of the newlyweds going to various celebrations and meals post-wedding, this color is a must for you all.

#3. Radiant Orchid

Flatter the world with the hands by donning this beautiful fusion of crimson, red, and fuchsia. The rosiness of the colour gives your hands an all natural shine. Many designers have previously used this color in their wedding collection because of this season. Hence, prepare yourself to enchant the world with the addition of this captivating color in your palette.

For red toenail art, you can also use red in mixture with colors such as yellow metal, white, or dark, that may only improve the attractiveness of your fingernails. You may develop a French suggestion with either of the colors with red as your foundation coat. When you have something for French suggestion you may even do this with the same color, for example, you can color your fingernails with a matte red and execute a French suggestion with glitter red. This gives your fingernails an unique appeal and wouldn’t normally watch out of the area nail artwork. However, if you aren’t that a lot of a lover of matte, you can also color your fingernails with red glitter, which is not too sparkly yet provides subtle shimmery impact.