Dye Print Fabric Process and Methods

As you know that printing fabric has many techniques and methods. This time, we would like to uncover one of the most popular textile printing method called dyeing printing techniques. This fabric design and pattern printing has different types of dyes and methods. We would like to describe those things clearly. There are many printed fabrics with wonderful patterns and designs which applies dye print fabric process. Dyeing printing fabric is the printed fabric process which imparts colors to a textile material using a dye (color).

There are two types of dyes which are commonly known. They are natural dyes and synthetic dyes. The natural dyes are produced from flowers, leaves, nuts, berries, and others forms of plants and vegetables such as from mineral and animal sources. The natural colorant may create a light color result which is not to sharp like the synthetic dye. Additionally, another class of dyes print fabric methods is known as synthetic dyes. Some of the dyes like Acid dyes, Cationic (Basic) dyes, Neutral-Premetallized dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, etc are classified as the synthetic dyes. This dyes type is composed of chemical composition with particular types.

Moreover, this print fabric dyeing method still has different types of the dyeing process.  The dyes are applied to fabric through different dyeing methods for different types of fibers and at different stages of fabric manufacture process. The dyeing methods for color textile printing are:

  1. Direct dyeing

Direct dyeing printing fabric is one of the most two popular dyeing processmethods. This method is applied right away to the fabric without any affixing agent helps. The direct dyeing method uses fermented natural dyes or chemical colors like synthetic vat and sulfur dyes. Generally, this type of dyeing method is used for color print fabric cotton.

  1. Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing is a process of when dyeing process is done after the fibers have been spun into yarn. Skein Dyeing, Package Dyeing, and  Warp-beam dying are categorized as yarn dyeing forms. The Skein Dyeing is the process of the yarn are arranged in the skeins and then hung over a rung and is penetrated in a dye bath in a large container. This method will produce softer and loftier results. Besides, the yarn are wound o cones or similar units and this yarn package will be stacked on rods and it is penetrated in a tank of the dye. The warp-beam dyeing is similar to the package dyeing but it is more inexpensive. It works as the yarns are wound on the warp-beam and it is immersed in a tank and colored under pressure.